Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jeff's Pirates Cove "Fiesta Plate"....Fantastic Food...Fantastic Value!!!

Everyone knows about the great food at Jeff's Pirates Cove!!! If you don't, where have you been?

From his famous homemade 1/2 lb. cheeseburger to his Gyro Platter of Greek Style Lamb, Jeff's has it all. But his special Fiesta Plate is his signature dish. You will be hard-pressed to find a fiesta plate packed with so much variety and portions as the one served daily at Jeff's Pirates Cove.

The Fiesta Plate is offered in two varieties. There is the Barbecue plate and the Seafood plate. So each fiesta plate can change from day to day which makes it so exciting. No one wants to eat the same thing day in and day out.

The combination as shown in the picture above, offers Jeff's barbecued pork spare ribs, steak and chicken, marinated in Jeff's special sauce and two large scoops of red rice. Also on this plate are three different types of keleguens.... chicken, calamari & fish. Of course this hefty meal is started out with a fresh Greek garden salad with a little feta cheese sprinkled on the top and includes your choice of drink... soda, ice water or ice tea. You get free refills on the ice tea and water.

The Seafood version of Jeff's Fiesta Plate has all of the above except the barbecue is substituted with deep fried "catch of the day" fresh fish, breaded with Japanese bread crumbs, "orange panko" and deep fried calamari also prepared the same way as the fish.

As you can see, Jeff's Fiesta Plates are packed to the gills and you get all this for only $18. Now where are you going to find another fiesta plate with this delicious flavor and quality elsewhere on Guam?

What sets Jeff’s Pirates Cove Fiesta Plate above and beyond all the rest you might ask? Well it has to be the Pirate himself, Jeff. He has blended his Massachusetts roots with his Chamorro home and the results are the unique dining experiences you can only enjoy at the pristine seaside resort of Jeff's Pirates Cove located in beautiful Ipan Talofofo. Simply put, there’s no place with flavor like Jeff’s.

But don't take our word on this. If you are planning your next dining experience or just happen to be in the area, stop on by Jeff's Pirates Cove for a bite to eat. You'll be glad you did....

The Pirate Awaits You.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats at Jeff's Pirates Cove Seaside Museum!!!!

If you live on Guam or have visited Guam, chances are you know all about one of Guam's most notable landmarks, Jeff's Pirates Cove, located in beautiful Ipan, Talofofo. But one of Guam's hidden treasures is the Seaside Museum located at Jeff's Pirates Cove.

At the Seaside Museum you will find many interesting collections. One of the exhibits there are the Japanese Glass Fishing Floats. These beautiful glass floats, which are prized collector's items, were used by the Japanese to hold their large fishing nets afloat out on the high seas. Millions of these floats were lost and are still floating around in the world's oceans today. What is unique about these floats is the beautiful glass that they were made from and their various shapes. They are usually obtained while beach-combing the Pacific ocean's northern hemisphere beaches, especially after a storm.

Here are a few photos of beach-combing at Jeff's....

Here are a few links providing very interesting information on these glass fishing floats...

Pictures of the Seaside Museum Glass Float Collection....

These glass floats have such a deep history. They have traveled the worlds oceans for who knows how long before they washed up on shore and are one of the most sought after beach-combing collectibles that one can find. If you find one of these gorgeous glass floats, you have possibly found something that has been traveling the worlds oceans longer than you have been alive. They really are amazing. And yes, they can be worth quite a bit.

So, if you are in the Ipan, Talofofo area, make it a point to stop by Jeff's Pirates Cove Seaside Museum and check out his collection as well as all the other interesting and exciting exhibits that Jeff's has on hand. Maybe the Pirate himself will give you a personal tour. You'll be glad you did.

The Pirate Awaits You..... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Palauan Storyboards by Blas Sbal at Jeff's Pirates Cove Treasure Island Gift Shop!!!

Blas Sbal, Storyboard Master Carver and Artisan

Rich in tradition, the Palauan Storyboards are true works of art. And Jeff's Pirates Cove Treasure Island Gift Shop is fortunate to have their storyboards carved by a true Palauan Master Carver, Blas Sbal. Blas Sbal is also the son of a master storyboard carver.

Storyboards are indigenous to Palau and the architectural parents of these storyboards are the carved beams and gables of the Bai, the traditional Palauan men's clubhouse. These carvings depicted their legends and other stories about their gods and heros, about love, childbirth, truth, betrayal, and even death.

You can find a lot of these stories in the document titled, "The Folktales of Micronesia". 

The storyboards have also been influenced by the various occupiers of Palau such as the Spanish since the 1500s, the Germans in the late 1800s to early 1900s, the Japanese since 1914 until the United States seized control during WWII.

Most of us would be quite surprised to learn not only that storyboards are a relatively new creation but also that storyboards were introduced by a Japanese artist and anthropologists, Hisakatsu Hijikata, who came to Palau in 1929 when the region was under Japanese administration.

The storyboards themselves can be made from several hardwoods that are grown on Palau. The finest storyboards are made from ironwood, or dort as it is known in the Palauan language. This is the preferred kind of wood as it is both strong and long lasting.

Here are other Palauan Master Storyboard Carvers; Osiik, Ngirabuuch, Sbal, Bernadino, Baris and Ruimd.

Here are othe works of Blas Sbal......

The Legend of the Fish Bearing Tree of Ngibtal

The piece is not an authentic Sbal unless you see this carved signature.

When you purchase one of these works of art, you are not taking  home just another piece of art but a part of history of one of the most beautiful islands in the world......Palau.

So stop on by the Treasure Island Gift Shop this week and check out these storyboards. You'll be glad you did. 

We are located at Jeff's Pirates Cove in the awesome southern village of Ipan, Talofofo. Hurry now....

The Pirate awaits you.....

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Story of a WWII Japanese Straggler on Guam- Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi

If you are a World War II history buff and have followed the war in the pacific involving the Nation of Japan and the Japanese Imperial Army against the military forces of the United States, you have got to get yourself down to Jeff's Pirates Cove's Seaside Museum. Here you will find the largest photo exhibition on Guam of the infamous World War II Japanese straggler Sgt. Soichi Yokoi. Sgt. Yokoi spent 28 years hiding and surviving in the jungles of Guam after World War II was over.

Here is a brief overview of his story as reflected on the Official Jeff's Pirates Cove website.

"According to news accounts, Sergeant Yokoi (Imperial Japanese Army) was found and captured January 25, 1972, after hiding in the jungles of Guam for twenty-eight years. The capture of Sergeant Yokoi was headline news worldwide. The story of the lone man's twenty-eight years of hiding and surviving with very little contact with "civilization" captured the attention of the world. When Yokoi stepped out of Guam's jungles he stepped out from the silence of the Talofofo river valley into the jet age. Remarkably Yokoi had correctly calculated the time that had passed while in the jungle and knew that the year was 1972 when he was captured."

"A tailor by trade, Yokoi was uniquely suited for survival on the island of Guam. He was practical to a fault, rarely imagined problems, or let his imagination hinder his perceived need to hide. Yokoi was not alone in the jungles of Guam all of the time he was in hiding. Eight years prior to Yokoi's capture, two other Japanese soldiers died of malnutrition and disease. The two soldiers that hid out in the same area were the only humans Yokoi had any contact with. It was agreed between the three Japanese soldiers that they should limit their contact between each other as to avoid detection. Yokoi buried his compatriots in a cave and directed officials to this site soon after he was captured."

"Yokoi was able to keep from getting ringworm, lice infestations and other infectious diseases by bathing frequently and thoroughly. He was remarkably healthy when he was found. He lived by trapping shrimp, fish, and rats and eating jungle vegetation. His movements were restricted to the night hours. The thick jungle in the area where Yokoi stayed helped him remain hidden."

"Jesus Duenas and Manuel DeGracia were out checking fish traps when they saw Yokoi near a small river. Manuel and Jesus though at first that Yokoi was a young man from their village who sometimes roamed the jungle. Approaching Yokoi under this impression, they surprised Yokoi. DeGracia and Duenas were able to subdue Yokoi and brought the man out of the jungle tied and only slightly bruised."

"Little credit seems to be given to the fact that Manuel DeGracia was gentle with the man. Japanese stragglers were ruthlessly hunted down and killed by local men who despised the Japanese as a result of atrocities committed by Imperial Japanese forces during their occupation of Guam."

"Two grenades and a 155mm artillery shell were the only weapons found in the caves. The cave where the two compatriots were buried, as well as Yokoi's cave, were cleverly concealed and absolutely impossible to find if you did not know where to look."

"Yokoi's twenty-eight years of hiding and deprivation can be seen as testimony to the strength of the human spirit, or as just another sad episode in the ongoing saga of warfare. Yokoi returned to Guam several times since his capture. He visited Jeff's Pirates Cove and enjoyed our great food and seaside setting. Sergeant Yokoi died in 1997."

Here are some of the photos that you can see at the Jeff's Pirates Cove Seaside Museum.


 The Pirate Captain himself, Jeff Pleadwell with Sgt. Yokoi during one of Yokoi's many return visits to Guam.

 Another photo of the Pirate Captain Jeff with Yokoi a few years later.

 Interior of Yokoi's cave.

Yokoi's cave entrance.

Here are various news media photos of Sgt. Yokoi...

Yokoi's first haircut after being captured.

Jacket that he wove out of natural fibers found in the jungles of Guam.

Sgt. Soichi Yokoi went back to Japan shortly after his capture, married and lived a long life. 

Here is one web link about Sgt. Yokoi.

Here is Yokoi's Story story in the BBC News Magazine
Here is another link to Sgt. Soichi Yokoi's obituary.

One fantastic story of human survival and endurance. And you can view more pictures at the Seaside Museum located at Jeff's Pirates Cove in majestic Ipan, Talofofo. So come on by and explore for yourself....

The Pirate awaits you.....