Friday, July 29, 2011

Treasure Island Gift Shop Featured Item!!!....."The Pirate Flags of Jeff's Pirates Cove"

Where there are pirates, there are pirates ships flying their colors........

Is that a pirate ship on the horizon? Could it be the famous ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman? Who knows for sure.....

But one thing is for sure, at Jeff's Pirates Cove Treasure Island Gift Shop you can find the perfect Jolly Roger for your pirates pleasure.

The JPC gift shop has a wide assortment of pirate flags and they are just itching to be hung up onto your ship's masts.  

Let's take a look of some of the pirate flags that can be found at the Treasure Island Gift Shop....

Hippie Pirate Special

We even have wind socks of all kinds. If you don't see what you're looking for check and see if we can special order it for you.....

Prices range from $15.00 to $40.00. Of course we do reserve the right to take more of your "booty"...after all, we are pirates. Click here for more Pirate Terminology. And click here for more pirate flag photos. 

And don't forget our 10% discount for all our customers who dine at Jeff's Pirates Cove and shop in our gift shop. This discount applies to all purchases over $10.

Please just call JPC's Treasure Island Gift shop for more details and information at 789-2683.

Remember, at Jeff's Pirates Cove Seaside Resort in the beautiful southern village of Ipan-Talofofo, there are many things for you to do to have fun. You can visit the Seaside Museum, experience our beautiful warm ocean, play volleyball, basketball, hike our natural trial and of course drink and dine in our restaurant plus more.

You just have to come on down.

So hurry....

The Pirate Awaits You.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Different Faces of Captain Jeff Pleadwell, the Pirate!!!!!

Jeff Pleadwell, Pirate Captain, Businessman, Employer, Conservationalist, Legend, the man of a thousand faces. Well here are photos of just a few of those faces.....

Pirate Jeff

Young Jeff

Las Vegas Jeff

Politician Jeff

Don't mess with me Jeff

Cool Jeff

Friendly Jeff

Actor Jeff

Blue Jeff

Shoveling Jeff

Topless Jeff

Yokoi Jeff

Cartoon Jeff

Green Jeff

Yellow Jeff

Farmer Jeff

Butterfly Jeff (Papillon)

Businessman Jeff

Confident Jeff

Tour Guide Jeff

Employer and Fun-loving Jeff (he's in the very back)


Scientist Jeff

Cinematographer Jeff

The Perfect Host Jeff

Birthday Jeff

Award-Winning Jeff

Family-man Jeff

Santa Claus Jeff

Grey-haired Jeff?

Peak-A-Boo Jeff

Grandpa Jeff

Beardless Jeff

Fisherman Jeff

Elbow-rubbing Jeff 

Smiling Jeff

Promoter Jeff

Confused Jeff!!!

"Today's" Jeff 

"Speaks for itself" Jeff

Well there is plenty more to Jeff than meets the eye. The bottom line is Jeff is a hell-of-a-guy.

This is a special post by Rueben Olivas.