Monday, July 25, 2011

The Different Faces of Captain Jeff Pleadwell, the Pirate!!!!!

Jeff Pleadwell, Pirate Captain, Businessman, Employer, Conservationalist, Legend, the man of a thousand faces. Well here are photos of just a few of those faces.....

Pirate Jeff

Young Jeff

Las Vegas Jeff

Politician Jeff

Don't mess with me Jeff

Cool Jeff

Friendly Jeff

Actor Jeff

Blue Jeff

Shoveling Jeff

Topless Jeff

Yokoi Jeff

Cartoon Jeff

Green Jeff

Yellow Jeff

Farmer Jeff

Butterfly Jeff (Papillon)

Businessman Jeff

Confident Jeff

Tour Guide Jeff

Employer and Fun-loving Jeff (he's in the very back)


Scientist Jeff

Cinematographer Jeff

The Perfect Host Jeff

Birthday Jeff

Award-Winning Jeff

Family-man Jeff

Santa Claus Jeff

Grey-haired Jeff?

Peak-A-Boo Jeff

Grandpa Jeff

Beardless Jeff

Fisherman Jeff

Elbow-rubbing Jeff 

Smiling Jeff

Promoter Jeff

Confused Jeff!!!

"Today's" Jeff 

"Speaks for itself" Jeff

Well there is plenty more to Jeff than meets the eye. The bottom line is Jeff is a hell-of-a-guy.

This is a special post by Rueben Olivas.

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