Monday, July 18, 2011

Jeff's Pirates Cove Jungle Butterfly Nature Trail

Jeff's Pirates Cove Resort down in beautiful Ipan Talofofo is quite an amazing place. It's not just another pristine resort by the sea with a great restaurant and bar. They have their own Seaside Museum, Treasure Island Gift Shop, basketball and volleyball courts, farm, camping area which even includes a giant bon-fire area. But what you may not know is that they have their very own nature walk trail that the whole family can enjoy.

On Jeff's nature trails you will find and experience one of the largest colonies of butterflies on Guam.  This nature trail is home to the Ababang or Guam Butterfly. Ababang is the vernacular in the Guam native language, Chamorro, for butterfly.

There are many species of Guam butterflies but two that are very prevalent at Jeff's are the Blue Banded King Crow Butterfly and the Guardian or Malaysian eggfly Butterfly. They have a host plant that they typically congregate around and there are plenty of these plants along the nature trail. That is why you will find them here just about all year round.

Here are their pictures....

Guardian of Malaysian Eggfly Butterfly

Blue Banded King Crow Butterfly

Well let's take a look at some of these butterflies along the nature trail....

One of the "butterfly trees" 

Juliana pointing out one group of "Jungle" butterflies

Close up of the Guardians

Closer to the Guardians

Both Guardians and Blue Banded King Crows

Surrounded by the dance of the "Jungle Butterflies"

It really is amazing to get up close and personal with these wonders of nature. This may be the only location where both adults and children alike will be able to experience this phenomenon. 

As I said before, Jeff's Pirates Cove is not just another pretty face, it's an adventure.

Make it a point to come down to Jeff's Pirates Cove in beautiful Ipan Talofofo and get into this "experience".

Hurry now,

The Pirate Awaits You.....

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