Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jeff's Famous Homemade Burger!!

There are burgers and then there is the Jeff's Pirates Cove Famous Homemade Burger!! This is the burger that built Jeff's Pirates Cove. With an average of over 2500 homemade burgers and cheeseburgers served monthly, it's obvious that they are the most popular items on the menu. 

About 35 years ago, Pirate Captain Jeff and his friend, Lydia Duenas, perfected the recipe for this famous burger simply known as the "Homemade". The rest is history!!

Lydia Duenas

So what's to the "Homemade"?? What makes it so special?? Simply put, each patty is made by hand using only the very best ingredients and special sauces. At the end of the day, you have one large, fat, juicy burger with flavor that's just busting out all over!!! 

Let's look at the "Homemade" process step by step...

One of our Burger Masters is Senorita. She is one of only a few at Jeff's that are tasked with preparing the special Homemade.

It all starts by using the best ground beef available. These are 20 lb. logs of USDA Angus Beef at a 73% meat to 27% fat ratio. You want ratios within this and  80/20 to ensure the burger will not be dry. Too lean and it may be too dry.

30 lbs. of ground beef are mixed at one time. The special sauce is added to the burger meat.

The special sauce is then thoroughly mixed by hand.

Special bread crumbs are then added and mixed in.

Each burger patty is then fashioned and weighed to make sure each is 1/2 lb.

All 30 lbs. of burger patties are weighed.

Each patty is then individually wrapped in plastic wrap to protect the patty during storage...

This process is continued until 90 to 100 pounds of burger patties are prepared at a time.

Jeff's private brand is burned onto every burger bun...

The Pirate Captain leaves his mark using his special custom branding iron.

Dozens of oven fresh buns are "branded" daily...

Toto is just one of the many dedicated employees at Jeff's Pirates Cove...

Part of the preparation of the burgers at Jeff's are the burger condiments. These are prepared fresh every day.

Cooking the Homemade is a totally different story. Sometimes just a few are cooked...

Other times a whole grill full are cooked...

One thing is for sure, Jeff's Pirates Cove serves a lot of "Homemades". Here are a few more photos of the Homemade burgers...

Plates ready for the cooked burger. Complete with Happy Face fries.

Thick Cheddar cheese is melted on the Homemade Cheeseburger. Another slice is on the bun.

Homemades with the salad option.

Did we mention two slices of thick cheddar cheese on each Homemade Cheeseburger???

And many happy patrons...

Of course there is always service with a smile at Jeff's Pirates Cove!!!

So if you have the yearning for a great burger come on down to Jeff's Pirates Cove Beachside Resort in beautiful Ipan Talofofo and order one of our famous "Homemades" with or without cheese. You will leave knowing you just ate the burger that "built Jeff's Pirates Cove". 

Hurry now,

The Pirates Awaits you...


  1. Best burger ever! Can't wait to get back next year.

  2. Thanks Michael. We'll be waiting for you!!! <):{

  3. WOW! Nice Blog Rueben!!!!! Bloody hungry after paging down..and down...and down!!!!

    1. Thank you AmerExpat!!! I'm just as hungry. :)